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Hartland Family Photo Session | Fun day with the Mouro Family

I’m so excited to share this Hartland family photo session with you today! When the mom, Laura, called me to do a family session, I just couldn’t wait to work with her and her family! She is the mother of 10 children, and I was thrilled to be able to capture her family so beautifully. It had been years since Laura had a family photo taken so it was fun to help her update this and pick out wall prints! 

Large Family of 12 | Teens and Little Kids | Hartland Family Photo

Family of 12 wearing shades of blue and gray smiling while looking at the camera in a grassy field.

It was a beautiful June afternoon, and the weather was perfect for a Hartland family photo session.  Laura did a great job coordinating the clothes among her family members.  I love the monochromatic scheme she went with.  The varying shades of blue matched with neutrals makes her images stunning! I absolutely love to work with big families. The family dynamics always put a smile on my face. Laura and Cameron’s children made me laugh more times than not! Anna, who is the oldest, is graduating from high school while the youngest, Levi, is learning all the preschool things!

Laura had to tend to her littlest guy for a few minutes, so I took that opportunity to capture some individual portraits of her kids.  They were so willing and fun to work with.  I love that we were able to do this photo session on the Mouro’s home property.  With the large corn field behind them and the open front yard in front of them, the scene was picturesque!

I’m so thankful that Laura asked me to capture these precious memories for her! Her family is so fun, and I can’t wait to work with her again.

four year old little girl wearing a blue dress leans against a tree.
A Hartland family photo of 12 wearing blues and grays look at each other and laugh.
sisters in blue dresses smiling at the camera.
Hartland Family Photo of 12 wearing blue and gray all look at the baby and smile at him.
brother and sister smiling at the camera
This Hartland family photo of 12 wearing blue and gray looking at each other laughing.
Ten year old little girl smiling at the camera.
three sisters all smiling at the camea.

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