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Maybury State Park Senior Session | Homeschool Grad 2022

Ayla Class of ‘22 | Maybury State Park Senior Session

I am so excited to share this senior session at Maybury State Park with you today! When Ayla’s mom, Jeanette, inquired out about doing Ayla’s senior photos, I couldn’t wait to work with her! They wanted to have two sessions, one in the fall and one in the spring for the most variety.  So it made sense to book a multi-session which also includes a mini Cap-n-Gown session in June.  To read more about multi-sessions, check out this post.

Ayla’s session was in October and it was a surprise to have such a warm, summery day!  The light was beautiful and it made for the perfect photos! Ayla trusted me with the riding stable suggestion and it worked out great.  She brought two outfits – first a casual one with jeans and a sweater and second a formal one of a long gown paired with her violin.  We started at the riding stable which has so much variety in a small area.  From the wildflower patch to the horse step to the beautiful, rustic fence each coupled with amazing golden light made for some of the best images.  The fall colors were still on full display here and the sunlight falling through the trees was splendid!

After the riding stable, we hopped over to the field at the main park.  The sun was setting fast but we got some great shots with beautiful, soft light.  Ayla changed outfits and put on her formal gown and brought out her violin.  It was great to get pictures of her and her violin.  Ayla was more than willing to venture into the tall grasses off the path and I think it was definitely worth it!  She is stunning!  Some of my favorite images at this spot were at the end of the session when I had Ayla twirl in her gown!  Twirling photos are the best!  Not only was it super fun but she nailed it! 

Ayla, I had a bast with you!!  I cannot wait for our spring session!!

Enjoy this window into Ayla’s day!  These are just a small sample of her beautiful images.

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