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Maybury State Park & Downtown Howell | Homeschool Senior Photos 2022

On a surprisingly warm day at the end of October, I had the privilege of taking Bella’s homeschool senior photos! I did two different sessions with her, one at Maybury State Park and the other a few months later at Downtown Howell

It’s always a blast to photograph Bella! I’ve done Modern School Portraits for her and her younger brother for the past two years, and I also did a sibling shoot with all five siblings, which was a Christmas gift for their mom!

This time, we took her graduation photos. Bella’s a star! She loves performing in dramas, and she has a beautiful voice. While she’s generally very quiet, it’s like she becomes a different person on stage! 

She was Mrs. Potts in a homeschool production of Beauty and the Beast in 2021. In 2020, she even sang in a homeschool honors choir that was supposed to perform at Orchestra Hall in NYC!

That year, she was also cast as Mary Poppins in another production. Unfortunately, both the show and choir performance were cancelled due to Covid. 

Bella is heading to Liberty University to study Music Performance. You’ll definitely go far!

During our fall session at Maybury State Park, Bella had no problem enjoying the thick grass outdoors. She was so easy to pose, and I couldn’t have asked for a better session!

Our spring session in Downtown Howell was a bit cold and windy, which was such a huge change! Regardless, we worked around it and captured some real winners. 

We took plenty of phenomenal photos at the Court House and the famous Howell Alley. I’m so pleased, they turned out amazing!

It was so much fun taking your homeschool senior photos, Bella! I’m so excited to see where you end up in the future. Keep shining brightly!

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